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Sugar Lisianthus Masterclass (with free petal cutters & veiner*)

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* UK postage only Join our exclusive masterclass and unlock the secrets to creating stunning contemporary Lisianthus flowers. Learn the art of crafting intricate blooms, buds, and foliage with expert guidance. Discover the techniques to dusting petals and skilfully wiring up flowers, buds, and leaves for a lifelike finish. As this class is part of our 'Flower in a Box' range, you will receive specialised petal cutters and a petal veiner to enhance your learning experience. Elevate your floral design skills and master the beauty of the Lisianthus in this comprehensive tutorial. PLEASE NOTE the cutters and veiner can only be posted within the UK. Students from outside of the UK will still be able to use the online lesson. Email me if you do not need cutters and veiner or if you are outside of the UK and I will forward you a discount code for the tutorial only.

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