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Top Tips For Creating

Realistic Sugar Flowers

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Welcome to Urban Flower Collective, where we are passionate about the art of sugar flower making.

As an award-winning wedding cake designer, my goal is to teach you how to create contemporary sugar flowers that will impress your clients.

Our classes are open to anyone who wants to learn, regardless of prior knowledge. You'll learn how to create delicate, realistic-looking flowers that will add an elegant touch to any cake.

Join us and discover how easy it is to create stunning sugar flowers that will take your cake design to the next level.

What are you waiting for? Let's make something beautiful together.

Lisa x
Lisa B @ Urban Flower Collective - your online tutor
Lisa B @ Urban Flower Collective logo
Lisa B @ Urban Flower Collective logo

The online sugar flower classes at Urban Flower Collective are step-by-step and can be watched over and over again in your own time to help you really nail each flower.


The classes are designed to help students of all skill levels, from beginners to advanced, create stunning floral arrangements. I believe that with a little guidance and a bit of practice, anyone can learn this wonderful skill.


Like to 'try before you buy'? Why not join me for some of my many free online classes to get to know my teaching style before committing to buy.

I'd also be delighted to support you in my free Facebook support group Urban Flower Collective where you'll find other like minded sugar flower artists.

I've used lots of Lisa's video tutorials and would highly recommend them.

They're suitable for everyone, from complete beginner to experienced sugar artist, using tools and materials which are easily accessible.

Lisa's teaching style is friendly and welcoming, and she readily shares her wealth of knowledge and skills.

Just to put the cherry (blossom!) on the cake, there's also a brilliant facebook community with lots of support from Lisa and fellow flower makers.

You won't be disappointed.


Owner at Gail Watson

Wedding Cakes.

Lisa B @ Urban Flower Collective logo
Lisa B @ Urban Flower Collective logo
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I am sure every cake maker has things they “Love” creating and things they “Avoid!” … well Sugar Flowers was my “Avoid!!” …. until I stumbled upon Lisa’s Tutorials! Lisa’s Tutorials are fabulous … broken down into easy stages and she even gives you options if you don’t have all the right tools. Her approach is so friendly and her flowers look so stunning … you really do want to join in! Thank you for being my inspiration Lisa!


Celebration Cake Designer

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Lisa B @ Urban Flower Collective logo
Lisa B @ Urban Flower Collective logo
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