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Do you want to know a secret?

Ok, so here’s my confession………’s probably not what you expect to hear from an urban chick who loves street art, tattoos and battered old warehouses but ………… I love Goofy! Yep that’s right, the Disney character Goofy. He is a hero of mine.

There I’ve said it, it’s out in the open and I feel liberated.

What is not to love? He is tall dark and handsome with a quirky (well kind of goofy) smile and he’s got a GSOH. I have met my Disney hero several times now over the years and had my last liaison with him just a couple of weeks ago.

Lisa (cake designer at Urban Cakehouse) meets Goofy

So where does good old Goofy fit into this blog about urban wedding cakes, birthday cakes & celebration cakes? Well, one of my most frequently asked questions is “where do you find inspiration for birthday cakes, celebration cakes or wedding cakes?” The answer is simple; everywhere go I take a sketch pad and pencil and I always have my trusty camera or phone so I snap & sketch away at anything that catches my eye or excites me, yes even when I’m on holiday. In fact, holidays are a huge inspiration. Looking around the museums and galleries of Paris, or visiting Red Square in Moscow, taking part in a Pride festival, watching the world go by from a New York pavement café or playing in a park designed by the wonderful Goudi in Barcelona. These are all great places for quirky, unconventional, unique wedding cake designs and these are definitely the places I find my inspiration.

A Rainy Day in Moscow - it rained so much when Urban Cakehouse wedding cake Cake designer Lisa visited

So back to Goofy and his Floridian buddies. What better place could there be than the wonderful imagination of Walt Disney, Marvel Comics or JK Rowling? Could anything be more exciting than an Incredible Hulk rollercoaster or a Virtual Reality Quiditch game with Harry Potter himself? I love designing wedding cakes that are unique and show the couple’s personality. Holidays like the one I have just had filled with fantasy and excitement are incredible to inspire unique and quirky wedding cakes and birthday cakes for those who dare to be different.

Harry Potter Wedding Cake designed by Lisa Cake Designer at Urban Cakehouse Sheffield

This week on my return I took an order for a Safari cake and I will draw on my holiday and remember the wonderful animals I saw so close up from my safari jeep trip in Animal Kingdom and I'll reminisce about the wonderful Lion King stage show I watched and use these memories (and sketches) to design the cake.

Giraffe at animal kingdom, inspiration for a safari birthday cake order

Disney isn’t all about princesses and mice, although they are also a delightful inspiration. Disney has a dark side too and this can inspire many a wonderful and creative cake. Some times the requests I receive for cake design seem impossible at first but I always find a way to make sure I live up to the requests of my clients and as Mr Disney himself said "it's such good fun!"

Walt Disney Quote

Now back to Goofy, he gave me a big hug as always when we met but this time I whispered to him that his trousers weren’t to my taste! Perhaps my love is going off the boil and another man has caught my eye ………… “now what was that you said Buzz you brave soul? To infinity and beyond? Well why not”

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