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What is the most popular cake flavour?

This is a question I often ask on my social media pages just to make sure I am offering a good range and choice for my clients. I always ask clients who have made a cake consultation appointment which flavours they would like to try. Most couples like to stick to 'safe' tried and tested flavours on their wedding day. The don't feel brave enough to try an unconventional, new or quirky flavour for their wedding cake and that's absolutely fine. However, when a couple do try something different then I think it can be a real talking point of their wedding celebrations. So what is your favourite flavour?

I carried out a poll on favourite cake flavours on Instagram last week and the majority of people plumped for a vanilla or Victoria sponge, chocolate cake or the ever popular lemon drizzle cake.

Lemon's for lemon cake _ Urban Cakehouse

Even these traditional recipes can be jazzed up a little to make them extra special. How about adding some poppy seeds to your lemon drizzle cake and it is taken subtlety to another level.

Lemon and poppy seed cake

Why not fill or top your chocolate cake with toasted marshmallows, I'm thinking of a s'more vibe here and this can only ever be a big hit surely! Show me a human who doesn't like a toasted marshmallow?

Toasted marshmallows

How about chocolate cake with a dark chocolate orange ganache? I personally love salted caramel with chocolate cake and often fill and cover my chocolate birthday cakes or wedding cakes with salted caramel ganache.

Chocolate cake with salted caramel ganache

I'm all for a cake infused with fragrant spices and often slip a spice led cake into my cake consultations as a bit of a wild card. Even if you don't want the whole cake to taste of cardamom (which happens to be my favourite) then you can add subtle spice flavours to the fillings to lift your cake to an altogether more exotic flavour.

Cardamom pods

Many people like a ginger cake but how about making it that little bit more exotic by icing and filling it with a Chai buttercream? You may have only had Chai as a nice comforting drink but that mix of cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, cloves and nutmeg fit perfectly well with a gorgeous rich ginger cake.

Fresh ginger

If you aren't into spicy cakes, then how about an alcohol soaked sponge? Prosecco flavour sponges have been quite popular as has the timeless Brandy soaked fruit cake that we enjoyed for years as our traditional wedding cake. These gorgeous cakes should not just be kept for Christmas surely? My favourite alcohol laden cake is a gin and tonic cake, I love the fresh yet boozy flavours, however it is not the cake to have if you have children to share the cake with as a lot of the gin is used as a drizzle so it's a pretty alcohol heavy number!

Gin bottles for gin and tonic wedding cake

Fruity flavours are always popular, seasonal fruits keep things fresh. There is nothing better than a raspberry and white chocolate cake in those sunny summer months when the raspberries are at their plump and juicy best.

Raspberries for a Raspberry and white chocolate wedding cake

Autumn brings us the cosier flavours of apple and cinnamon or apple and toffee - think warm fluffy toffee apple and you're almost there. Pear and chocolate is another great autumn flavour. I'm also a lover of a banana loaf and alway feel like this should be an autumn cake, it's always great served with a steaming jug of homemade vanilla custard too.

banana loaf cake

If you are needing to incorporate one of your five a day into your desert then a carrot cake is always a popular choice. One of the best chocolate cakes I ever tasted (and I'm sad to say it wasn't baked by me) was a chocolate cake that was laden with home grown beetroot! My friend had an allotment and needed to use the glut of beetroot they had grown, so found this amazing recipe. Courgette and lime or that good old USA favourite pumpkin pie will also keep your veg count up!

Hopefully this has given you a few ideas for your future cakes. Experiment with flavours, it's fun!

If you would rather have your cakes baked for you then get in touch. Also, remember all of the cakes I bake can be made Vegan and /or Gluten Free.

If you'd like to book a Wedding Cake Consultation then email me on: to book an appointment.

If you would like to order a birthday cake or any other celebration cake drop me an email: I'd love to design something for you.

Lisa x

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